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Will Contest – What Does It Mean to Contest a Will in Florida?

Whether you are a potential heir contesting a Will, or the executor defending the Will, you should know that the process of contesting a Will in Florida can be messy. In a nutshell, to contest a Will means that you want the court to throw out an existing Will and consider it void.

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Living Trust – What is it?

A living trust (also referred to as a revocable living trust) is a written agreement created for the simple purpose of holding ownership of assets outside of your probatable estate during your lifetime, and then distributing these assets to named beneficiaries after your death.

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Opening The Safe-Deposit Box After Death In Florida

The process to do so is done through a petition to open the decedents safe deposit box. The main statute that governs this process is: Florida statute Section 655.935 – Search Procedure on Death of Lessee. When examining this statute though, you’ll note some very interesting things.

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Florida Probate Real Estate

Real estate is one of the most common assets that a personal representative will have to deal with during probate. When a decedent leaves behind real property, there are specific rules and methods regarding how the property must be managed, disposed of, and...

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Florida Will Basics

Estate planning – leaving directions for what should happen to your belongings when you die – is something everyone should do, no matter how many or how few assets you have. Florida law provides for many ways to plan your estate, and one of the most well-known and most-used methods is the creation of a will.

The state of Florida defines a will as “an instrument, including a codicil, executed by a person . . . which disposes of the person’s property on or after his or her death and includes an instrument which merely appoints a personal representative or revokes or revises another will.” Fla. Stat. § 731.201(40).

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Florida Personal Representative Introduction

When we die, we inevitably leave behind belongings, debts, assets, businesses, and many, many other things that will need to be tended to. Who will take care of these tasks? In Florida, the person (or people) who will wrap up all the loose ends is called a personal representative.

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